Ordo Instrumentum
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Web application generator

Ordo Instrumentum is toolset, which allows creation of ORDO application xml definition, and build distribution for any supported web server.

This toolset is build on NetBeans platform. Netbeans functionality is extended by set of plug-ins, to enable developing ORDO application, debugging, deploying or creating distribution package.

Few examples of tools for developing ORDO application:

PROJECT - Project tree with definition of entire ORDO application



Entity Manager - Entity Manager is GUI for creating and editing Data model.



Module Manager - Easy selection from all Ordo modules



AVF Wizard - Tool for automatic generation of entire application from its data model, including lucid GUI.



Text editor - ORDO is fully localizable and ORDO Instrumentum contains tool for easy text management.



Form designer - Definition of WebForm is stored in XML, but is possible to edit it using easy-to-use graphical GUI.



Akce - For programming of ORDO actions was developed special scripting language. ORDO Instrumentum contains full edit support for this language, including highlighting, code competition etc.


OrdoComplex - from ORDO Instrumentum is possible to deploy and debug application on remote servers.